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CalSavers Deadline is 1 Month Away!

CalSavers Deadline is 1 Month Away!

| June 09, 2022

Hi, everybody, it's Jason Stone with the Secura Minute. Today is just a quick reminder that we are just about in California, 30 days away from the CalSavers requirement. So if you have five part-time employees, five full-time employees, or more than five employees, you're rapidly coming up to the deadline to enroll in CalSavers or make sure that you have your own private retirement plan in place.

Along with that, the state sent out these notices that go to every business owner that talk about making sure that you enroll or at least show validation of your current employer plan. So if you have any questions, reach out to the Secura team. We're happy to help you set up a quote.

We still have a few weeks left to set up that plan to get in compliance or even to assist you in making a decision whether it is best to use CalSavers. And we look forward to helping you and your team, and we will talk to you again soon. Thanks.