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Financial Planning Milestones

We benchmark our progress against your goals so you know how near or far you are from your dreams. We help you know when you’re “there.”

There are a couple of ways to define your path using milestones:

By Your Age:

Age 25 – Have my college loans paid off

Age 35 – Buy a house

Age 45 – Own a vacation home

Age 55 – Buy a boat

Age 65 – Retire from my job

Age 75 – Travel to all the places on my bucket list

Age 85 – Write a novel

Age 95 –  Join the senior cruise ship set

By Dollars – Portfolio size after years of investing*:

10 Years – $ 50,000

20 Years – $ 100,000

30 Years – $ 250,000

40 Years – $ 500,000

50 Years – $1,000,000

60 Years – $1,500,000

70 Years – $2,000,000

Both depend on a lot of things! How old are you when you start? How much college debt do you have? How big a house? How large a salary? How big a boat? If you want to travel, do you need to make more money, and retire later? Secura Financial helps you decide the way for all of us (your family and our team) to view your milestones! Most people don’t want to eat canned beans and hot-dogs their whole life so they can retire. Nor do most people want to spend all their money on boats and cars, so they do not have any retirement. On the other hand, what if you die when you’re sixty and you haven’t been out of your home town yet?

Your plan is designed to reflect you and your needs. We set the financial plan in the beginning, but we adjust as we go and continue to act as a guide for you to follow. It is designed to be flexible so that it both motivates and creates accountability.

*These examples of investment milestones are used merely as hypothetical examples and do not reflect any actual results achieved. Results may vary.