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Fee Schedule

We charge an annual flat fee for your financial plan and/or we charge an ongoing fee for most investments which is a percentage of your portfolio value.

Fee for the Financial Plan

We believe, to be effective, we start with a financial plan based on your needs. The fee for setting up such a plan is based upon a variety of factors, e.g. client experience and knowledge, the level of service requested and required, the amount of time necessary to formulate and develop strategies, the complexity of the clients’ financial needs, etc. Our fees start at $1000 for a full year of service. Each client situation is different and we charge accordingly. Contact us for a free evaluation and estimate.

We are very thorough and create a detailed financial plan for your situation. We pride ourselves on looking at every facet of your life that relates to the building of wealth and strive to create a strategy that provides you with financial confidence. We believe wealth management and wealth building start with a good foundation – just like any other important structure.

Ongoing Fees

For most clients, the fees range from 1-1.5% of your portfolio’s dollar value, depending on asset size, client need, time commitment, etc.